After several years of working in the games industry, we grew tired of watching large companies ignoring the needs of everyday gamers. Too many times, have we seen developers and publishers screw over their fans for petty gains, and we want that to change!

Mission Statement
To improve video gaming by encouraging game developers to change the way they design, distribute and maintain games for the benefit of video gamers.

For over a decade, we at GameBanana have always prided ourselves on looking out for what is best for you, the gamer, and have abided by our four core philosophies to help get what's best for modders. Now we want to go one step better and use our industry connections to help get what's best for all gamers.

Gamer Congress is a place where gamers can promote change by suggesting, sharing and voting on opinions of important gaming related issues. It allows gamers to work together to effect change, and have their voices heard, by taking your issues direct to those who matter!