Activision, Treyarch, Sledgehammer

1. Sledgehammer with the way cod was going downhill you sure did give them a good shove down that hill didn't you. Your god damn eco suits have taken the realism and fun out of this game.
2. Treyarch how dare you follow that shit path of eco mania. Although you did a lot better job improving on the garbage sledgehammer made, garbage is still garbage.
3.Activision wtf
4. Hit detection, hit detection, hit detection. I am forced to play hardcore on BO3 because aiming in this game hardly matters. Just today I got the final kill I had activated my overdrive went into a doorway a guy was there BANG one shot game over, except in the killcam was the best evidence I have ever seen of the shit this game pulls I wish I would've recorded it or bookmarked it but in the killcam you could see the bullet streak the equivalent to 2ft past the person I shot at, the bullet hits a wall off target and I get a hit marker and he is dead. Seriously what the fuck I want to feel like I have skill with a 2kd on hardcore but I feel like I just manipulate almost everyone I play because I'll just throw up shots sometimes and hit and yes it does happen to me as well but I've become a custom to the lag comp and everything hence my KD so I just kinda factor in all the bullshit before I start a game and use it to my advantage. I'd prefer for all of us to be able tro actually have our skill determine where my bullet goes not whatever it is that they have now.
5. Get rid of the eco suits stop slaughtering the stories we used to love so much, and let's just get back to old cod at the least. At best, stop jewing the world I know it's all about money and profit but we can make quality products and still make a profit. FUCK I'll pay $100.00 for a next gen cod with the world at war gore animations and a multiplayer that actually took effort to make along with a classic cod story. Even if it takes you a few years to perfect it just take your time! GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE THAT WAIT!

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