Ban Russians/Ukrainians from using Steam
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Ban Russians/Ukrainians from using Steam

Dear Valve, quite some time there has been a huge problem plaguing Steam, users have had their hard earned trading cards stolen from them, their CSGO/DOTA2/TF2 Items gone, or in the worse case scenario, their Steam accounts nicked from them and rendered inaccessible. Who is the big likely culprit: Russian and Ukrainian Steam users, ever year an unfortunate user has had these things I mentioned just then happen to them, I've had some friends who had these horrible things happen to them, we have tried reporting these Russian and Ukrainian scammers to Steam customer service, but to no avail, so me and my friends have thought about writing up a petition on GamerCongress (and maybe for the community to sign our cry for help to make Steam a better place by entirely banning Russian and Ukrainian users from Steam, people from Russia and Ukraine won't be able to make new accounts and existing low level Russian and Ukrainian users banned from Steam (It wouldn't be fair to ban all of them now would it), so please sign this petition to prohibit Russian and Ukrainian users from ever setting foot on Steam and making peoples lives on Steam a misery.

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