Microtransactions are ruining Bingo Blitz!
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Microtransactions are ruining Bingo Blitz!

In late 2012, Ceasars Interactive Entertainment, a division of the eponymous casino corporation, acquired Facebook game Bingo Blitz from California developer Buffalo Studios. At the time, Bingo Blitz was the sixth most popular gambling-type game on the Facebook platform. Now, metrics show that users no longer play for extended periods of time.

Whatever gain has been made since the acquisition has been from quick and dirty marketing that attracts players who only stay for a short while. Presumably, it’s after realizing how entrenched in microtransactions Bingo Blitz has become that the audience ups and leaves. Bingo Blitz is no longer a game with additional microtransactions (freemium), it’s a game designed around microtransactions (not free at all). And it sucks.

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