EA don't ruin Star Wars: Battlefront
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EA don't ruin Star Wars: Battlefront

EA is now in charge of the next Star Wars: Battlefront. As a little kid, I used to play the game all the time with my dad when he was only home 1 day a week. It was really special to me and that is why no matter what people say, I am getting the new Star Wars: Battlefront expected to release in 2015. All I want -- is for EA to listen to what veteran series players suggest and to use many of the base characteristics supplied by the first two games in the franchise. They were amazing and I really don't want EA to ruin it with making it pay to win, or put in millions of DLC's that should have been in the game in the first place. That is why I really want to start this petition. Because i want something I held special to me as a kid stays that way. So other parents can give their children the great start to a gaming career I had. So, join me in my cause to convince EA to listen to US not make their own suggestions or I guarantee you that they will be just as money hungry as they were with the release of Battlefield 4. Be a part of this change -- don't let them ruin something not only me, but many other people held dear to them.

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