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They either need to do a full flip on madden games or relinquish their NFL and NFLPA licenses. The lack of effort in the making of these past titles is appalling, they are just taking our money for a update in graphics and slightly added on code. I can't immerse myself in this game anymore due to all the repetitive bullshit you have to do in every game the same gimmick play here same gimmick there. There is also no realistic difficulty, You are left with crush your opponent or have them throw 80yard tds every drive its just dumb. Don't even tell me "Oh but you have sliders to make it how you want." Well that still doesn't fix any problems with the shit AI and general function of this game. This is hardly an argument given this is EA here.ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS TAKE THE TIME TO MAKE THE GAME STOP BEING PRESSURED FOR A YEARLY TITLE TAKE A FEW YEARS OFF IF YOU MUST I DONT CARE JUST STOP RUINING THE POTENTIAL

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