evive Smuggler's Run!

Rockstar Games needs to revive Smuggler's Run! The game was fantastic, no doubt. The second one was the best in my opinion, but didn't receive greatest hits. That might be why they forgot about the series? I'm not fully sure. But I know for a fact if they rebooted it and made Smuggler's Run 3 with their new engine/team and all that, the game would be extremely popular. If they were to make a new Smuggler's Run that wasn't impossibly hard like the second one and with online multiplayer, split screen, new modes, huge open world with more continents, a great variety of vehicles, weather options, and added their R* flare, etc... then it would be a definite win for sure. It would sell like crazy. That's the way I see it. That's how good I see the game can be. It's possible! It would be a huge and awesome surprise for Rockstar! If it was announced and people who haven't heard of it saw it, wouldn't you think they'd think "Oh wow, this looks amazing. I've never heard of this game...but it's from Rockstar so it's probably more amazing than it looks!" So then they get a bunch of fans to try it out, they love it, and it sells magnificently. They couldn't lose with that one.

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