[Addressed] Fix the DotA 2 Drops System!
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[Addressed] Fix the DotA 2 Drops System!

This issue has now been addressed.

Valve has altered the Dota 2 drop system in such a way that it is now near impossible to get a random item drop in a game. Many people gained a sense of enjoyment and reward when receiving an item at the end of a game, even if it was only a Common. Without these regular drops and no Dynamic Level Present to provide regular rewards for playing the game, we fear the players will lose part of the enjoyment gained by the game.

Please Valve re-adjust the Dota 2 drop system to increase the rate of drops, even if it is simply more of singular, lower quality items. A part of the enjoyment of the game for us was waiting on the score screen to see if we'd get a drop. Now that enjoyment and sense of reward is gone.

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