Focus on the fans!

The gaming industry needs to focus more on what the fans want instead of what they think we want or what they think will make money. There used to be so many good games out and to look forward to, and there still is in a way, but just not like it used to be. The industry doesn't really listen to their fans, ever...and it's not right. What happened to all the good titles? Why are so many of them abandoned? Sure they push developers to make new IP's, but why do they have to throw away their original one(s)? There's way to many games out there that need a second, third or even forth installment in the series! I don't think they realize how much more money they would make off having the original developer rebooting an old series that they should've never left behind, that everyone loves, over a new IP. Sure, we need new IP's, but why leave such amazing games behind? Why won't they listen to hundreds of fans over themselves? Guaranteed, if they listened and added another installment, or revived an old amazing series from the original developer, they would make more money there than making a new IP.

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