get Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin back in office!
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get Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin back in office!

For Naughty Dog to get Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin back in office! The company is still as amazing as they used to be, no doubt. Saying if they were to get them back in the studio, everything would be better. We'd most likely see a new Jak and Daxter sooner than we think if they were back there! And if Sony reacquires the title to Crash Bandicoot, I'm sure Naughty Dog would do a magnificent job on it, but if Andy and Jason were there, the game would be just that much better. I've also read a couple articles and/or tweets from Andy and Jason saying they would like to be there again too. Maybe I'm not 100% correct, but there has to be a link somewhere of them saying that. Naughty Dog needs to go back to their roots as well...developing all these realistic shooter/survival games needs a rest for NDI. Not saying to abandon Uncharted, just saying they should go back to making an original cartoon type game like Crash or Jak. We haven't seen a new IP like that in ages, and if Naughty Dog were to pull that off (which they definitely could), it'd change the gaming industry once again... Especially if Andy and Jason were back in the NDI office.

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