24 hour trials for all games.
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24 hour trials for all games.

Many gamers have been or are beginning to be fed up with games being released on day 1 with game breaking bugs, fps drops, online connecivity issues, and other problems. After purchasing a game with the above mentioned issues, players often feel robbed of their money as most retailers do not offer refunds on new games that have been opened.

I beleive that a solution to this problem is that on as many platforms as possible, game studios should release a demo of their game on launch day, which can be downloaded by the end user on their platform. This demo should feature the full game in it's entirety. The player will have un restricted access to the game, including online features, for 24 hours after the download. This is beneficial to both game developers and end users.

For the end user, they can assure that the game they are thinking about purchasing is a quality product with as few defects as possible.

For the studio and developers, this system would
1. Promote the game
2. Re establish a broken trust between game studio and gamer.
3. Show the gaming community that the studio is making an effort to hold themselves accountable for the quality of their products.

With the above policy in place and enough game developers adopting it, 2015 can mark the beginning of a new era of trust between consumer and developer.

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