Jak and Daxter collection
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Jak and Daxter collection

Naughty Dog and Mass Media released the Jak and Daxter collection back in February of 2012. It had the first 3 games from Naughty Dog, but why not Jak X: Combat Racing? I know HD Collections usually have 3 games only, but why can't they remaster Jak X with trophies and revived online multiplayer for PSN release like Ratchet: Deadlocked? I don't see why R&C got their fourth game remastered with revived online multiplayer, but J&D didn't. Many of us saw the so called "easter egg" in The Last Of Us DLC of the Jak X arcade machine...but it's been a good while and I think we would've heard about a Jak X remaster by now. That's the least they could do is release that. Trophies, online multiplayer...it would complete the collection. Or if they're willing to go all out, then why not just add "Daxter" from PSP and make a physical copy of both games? Jak and Daxter HD Collection: Volume 2, maybe?

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