let gamers change their PSN ID
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let gamers change their PSN ID

Sony needs to seriously just start letting gamers change their PSN ID. I've never understood this one...but it needs to change. I can't believe this has never occurred to them - What if gamers made the account when PSN was first available and they want to change their name but they have tons of trophies that they worked hard for? Might sound silly, but it's true. No one wants to make a new PSN account just so they can change their name...but it happens all the time. It would probably be a good thing for Sony as well because their's so many accounts that aren't active. And I mean a lot. Just imagine how many accounts are made just for a new name and leave their old ones inactive, and then making a new one AGAIN... I see it quite often. It's simple...all they have to do is make it an option. Even if it's 5-10 bucks like XBL.

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