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I have played many MMO games in the past (hundreds) and believe to have a good idea of what would be wanted in an MMO. Some of these ideas come from parts of other games I've played and some may be totally unique. It just seems that all these games have lacked something that kept them from being "winners". I hope to see a new MMO that answers as many of these issues as possible and I hope you will sign this petition if you agree.

Therefore, the undersigned would like to see a new MMO that features:

1) An authentic appearance: No candy cane weapons, silly hats, over-sized weapons, etc. It must, as much as the graphics engine allows, look as authentic as the period it represents.

2) Does not have a monthly subscription, but is either buy once or Free-2-Play. A micro transaction shop is acceptable, but it should not offer superior items to what is available within the game. It can be cosmetic items or experience boosts, potions, etc.

3) Contains two opposing factions that are always at war and PvP is imminent except in certain designated towns where attacking others is prohibited.

4) Each faction has a home city where invasions by the enemy are possible under certain conditions, such as winning a battle.

5) There should be at least five specific classes per faction, each having access to some abilities that other classes do not. An example might be (for an fantasy-style MMO) that a Mage could teleport members of their team to their location, or a Rogue might have a buff to accelerate another player's running speed for a certain amount of time.

6) Each class should have at least three skill trees it can access with various choices making a difference within that particular class, so that there is a variety even among the same class. No class could obtain every skill available to them so their selection would lead to many various builds.

7) There should be an online trading shop for players who can sell most anything including their characters. Characters, after being stripped of all possessions (weapons, armor, etc.) can be offered for trade or sale for in-game "gold". This allows those who have played a role to a high level and wants to try something new to pass the character on to someone else who wants a ready-made character. Name changes could be offered in the transaction shop for players who would like to change the toon's name.

8) Although it would acceptable to have special events, they would adhere to the authenticity of the setting.

9) Monsters (mobs) in the game would also adhere to authenticity or legend (in the case of Medieval of Fantasy settings). No giant jelly blobs, earthworms, etc. Monsters might include wolves, wild hogs, witches, robbers, tigers, trolls, spiders, etc.

10) Game currency would be modest in its availability. Coins should not drop out of dead animals, nor should pieces of armor. This is just silly. Killing things might result in obtaining leather or bones for use in crafting armor, weapons, etc. Meat could be obtained for food.

11) Hunger would be factor in the game. Characters would, over time, begin to hunger and their personal stats would decline, making them less effective on the battlefield, eventually resulting in slower movement and possibly death. This would not happen in such a short time as to be a nuisance, but perhaps over a realistic time period. Perhaps something like every 4 hours of gaming time, they would lose 10% of their attributes. Food would not be so plentiful as to be easily obtained. This would open the possibility of people wanting to go into the business of creating foods to sell. Someone might be a baker, a hunter, etc. to provide the means of selling food. Game currency should come from direct trade between players or as a reward for completing missions, not by dropping from dead carcasses (as stated above).

I could go on as I have played many MMOs and have a lot of ideas. Basically, I would just like to see an MMO that has more authenticity in the setting, has a fully worked out PvP and class system. The reason I think many games to not last are:

1) There are no real opposing factions who are mortal enemies who are to be eliminated on sight (except in neutral cities).

2) The so-called "classless" system in reality usually produces less distinction among players because the best combinations of "builds" are soon discovered and most people just gravitate toward these. I think a class system with many available skill possibilities would result in more distinctive roles.

3) Guild, Clan, Corporations, whatever you wish to call them should not be such a simple task to create. Organizations of this type should only be made by those who have gained a respectable level, paid a substantial amount of "gold" and have completed some specific missions. The problem with making it easy for anyone to create a "guild", is that you end up with the "Too many chiefs, not enough Indians" syndrome. There are too many guilds and not enough people to join them or want to because they can just make their own. Make a guild a worthy thing to be a part of and you'll have fewer, but stronger guilds. Also, once a member of a guild, anyone leaving the guild without a release by the leader will not be able to re-enlist or create another guild for ten days. This prevents the "guild hoppers" who just jump from guild to guild to obtain free items. When a person attempts to join a guild, a submission to the leader is created that lists the dates and names of previous guilds that player was in, just in case they wish to question the player about their history.

If, on the other hand, a player is close with the leader of a guild and wants to leave to create another guild and the leader is fine with that, the leader may give a special "writ of leaving" that allows this player to re-enter or create another guild without a waiting penalty.

Please sign the petition if you think this is a good idea.

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