onami's Castlevania series
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onami's Castlevania series

The latest entry in Konami's Castlevania series, Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 has received a lot of controversy. Most of it has been focused on the problems that the game suffers from and why it just doesn't try to live up to the hype that people expected it to be. I suggest Konami tries to find a way to remake Castlevania Lords of shadow 2. Change the story to make all of the characters fit in perfectly. Add more depth to the combat. Make the characters more fleshed out. Add more depth to the stealth sections to make them feel unique instead of linear. Add more weapons. Add more emotional moments for characters to experience and make them feel stronger in the cut scenes. Make the game more focused on castle exploration and add more stages to the castle environment. Add more variety to the search and find item quests. Don't be afraid to show us some awesome moments that helps adds quality to character development. Making these improvements for the remake will make the game stand out and possibly well received. In my opinion Lords of Shadow 2 was filled with a lot of great ideas but it was being used the wrong way. I can say the same about the DLC. Knowing that Mercury Steam was behind all 3 lords of shadow games, I'm pretty sure they new what they could have done to make the last game a promising entry to end the series. I understand that they may of had some company issues that got out of hand and also caused a lot of developers to leave. These tragic events can happen to any game company. But this doesn't mean that you can't show us that you can do better. Lords of shadow 2 needs to be remade to gain the recognition that it deserves.

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