Put Classic Megaman in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

So in early December, Capcom announced the latest game in the Marvel vs Capcom series, titled "Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite"

In the games first reveal trailer we were shown four characters: Ryu, Captain America, Captain Marvel, and the topic of this petition, Megaman.

Now this was huge considering that Capcom has treated Megaman like crap for the past few years. Only, it's Megaman X and instead of the normal Megaman.

So my only question is "why?" Why put Megaman X instead of the normal Megaman we all know and love.

If I were to be honest Megaman X gets way too much attention to the point where he seems like a replacement to the original instead of just a different version.

There are three plausible reasons as too why X was chosen in favor of Classic Megaman:

1. He was just too cartoon like for the game, but come on we had Viewtiful Joe in the last game.

2. Megaman was in Super Smash Bros, so they have another version of him in this game.

3. Megaman X is without a doubt the fan favorite of the Megamans. So why not.

But I say that X has had his spotlight, and it's time for the REAL Megaman to get the respect he deserves.

Plus if you do want X, Classic can just have an alternate costume of him along with the other versions of Megaman.

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