Restore Elite Dangerous' offline mode!
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Restore Elite Dangerous' offline mode!

Promises made by Elite Dangerous developer Frontier to develop an offline mode of their upcoming space trading and combat sim have been broken, according to early adopters. In it’s current state, the latest successor to 1984’s Elite uses a buy-in system similar to Steam’s Early Access: here, consumers purchase the game with the assumption that the developer will hold its goals for future releases. And like so many other cases, Elite’s goals are beginning to fade away.

Early Access was never a perfect system to begin with and backing out on developer-made promises because of a lack of developer research or funding or time only highlights the imperfections with gambling on these developers to deliver the games we want them to. Concessions need to be made to fans that are upset over feature losses. We’re asking Frontier now to reconsider its stance on making unavailable an offline mode for Elite Dangerous. And if it’s simply still not feasible despite the massive outcry for just that thing, then alternative goals need to be made to appease the backlash.

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