Rockstar Games[R*] to actually punish GTA Online cheaters/modders(PC)

If you have played Grand Theft Auto Online recently, then you know there is at least one Modder/cheater in each session, I've started to get sick of the amount of non legit players, it annoys everyone, and the people who ask for money seem to make it work, Not I know for a fact that there are people out there that hate these cheaters and always report them but feel like nothing is ever done about it, Don't get me wrong I love GTA 5 its just I feel like its going downhill due to the amount of people quitting because of these Modders/Cheaters.

I just want Rockstar to stop ignoring this issue and try to fix it.

One way of them fixing it is if they had moderators that are actively playing, and then they investigate and use the right measures to help rid us of these cheaters, obviously being watched by Rockstar themselves.

This is an issue I personally never wanted for such a great game, but Rockstar just ignore it and continue to release DLC.

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