Salvage SWTOR
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Salvage SWTOR

Though SWTOR has almost completely failed as an MMORPG from both a business and popularity perspective, arguably because it was doomed to fail by design to begin with, the desperate monetization actions taken by EA to keep the game profitable have served to minimize both the number of subscribers and free account micro-transaction players paying into the game, therefore making it less profitable than it otherwise might have stayed. We believe that SWTOR should have been initially converted to a completely freemium setup (the exclusive use of in-game Cartel Coins for monetization) from the time it first became apparent that the majority of the subscriber base would leave, therefore attracting a renewed base of micro-transaction players, and perhaps maintaining much more of the game's popularity to the present day. However, since it's far too late for that now, we believe that EA should remove the pay walls imposed by the remaining subscription system, thereby acquiring a larger target market than that reached by the presently awkward and widely unappealing combination model.

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