[Steam] Be able to hide games in your community profile.
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[Steam] Be able to hide games in your community profile.

It would be lovely if we could hide some of our Steam games so that no one sees them, not even friends. It would also affect the total number of games owned on they're profile.

Examples of why a Steam user doesn't want a certain game displayed:

1. The game was a gift, and the user either didn't like it or never even wanted it.

2. The game is unplayable on the users computer for various reasons.

3. The game was part of a package, where the user only wanted some other games.

4. The game has been replaced by a newer version. (Example: Guacamelee (standard->gold->turbo)

5. The game is a DLC package that is shown.

"One thing is certain: The longer a user stays active on Steam and keeps purchasing games, the more junk is going to displayed on this page. And Valve has to make a descision about it - do they want a view on Steam that will gradually become more and more useless and/or irrelevant over time, with no option for the user to correct it?" - Yachmenev

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