Stop taking Legal Action against Fan-made Games/Projects.

This is to all those Major Video Game Companies (but mostly to Nintendo, EA, and Konami).

This Year and the last few several Fan made Games have been shut down by big Companies like Nintendo, EA, and Konami, several of these Games include a Remake of Metal Gear Solid, Another Metroid 2 Remake, No Mario's Sky, Galaxy in Turmoil, DoomRL, a Remake of Descent, and more.

The Reason why Companies are doing this mostly is to "Protect" their IP's, but these acts from my point of view shows how greedy they, how much they don't care about their fans, and how broken and misused Copyright and Fair Use is.

Stop taking Legal Action against all these Fanmade Games, they are not being Sold for anything, & they are not trying to Claim the IP's they are based on as their own.

Why can't you all just Appreciate these Fanmade Projects?

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