The Need for Speed franchise
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The Need for Speed franchise

The Need for Speed franchise has gone down hill game by game. EA most definitely hasn't showed any care for the series for a long time, and I'm most positive that they're just in it for the money seeing how they were releasing it once a year like Call of Duty. I know now that they took this year off to improve the game from what I've heard, but that has yet to be proven. Every game just gets old now and it's time for them to go back to their roots of the franchise. For the time being, they need to release a NFS Underground HD Collection including - Underground, Underground 2, and possibly throw in the original Most Wanted. And yes, with online multiplayer. With that being said, I know if they were to do that, their next game would obviously be released first. So if they were to develop an HD Collection with Underground 1 & 2 and have it released after their next game, that would give them even more time to focus more on the franchise to make it like it used to be. Need for Speed Underground: HD Collection would be a great throwback for everyone!

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