Valve add GameBanana to the list of Steam Workshop 'Approved Service Providers'!
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Valve add GameBanana to the list of Steam Workshop 'Approved Service Providers'!

For over 15 years GameBanana has been one of the largest online communities dedicated to customising and modding Valve titles, hosting hundreds of thousands of downloadable files, tutorials and developer assets free of charge!

During this time GameBanana and it’s members have been responsible for some of the most popular and memorable mods and game items for both the GldSrc and Source engines. Including many of Counter-Strike Operation Maps, and popular TF2 items! Yet are not listed as one of the pre-approved ‘Service Providers’ on the Steam Workshop.

This petition asks Valve to allow GameBanana to be listed alongside our friends at Polycount, Facepunch and Reddit as a community associated with the development, improvement and distribution of user generated content for Valve titles.

Stats about

- Over 1.5 Million member registrations and - 450,000 active accounts.
- Over 1 Million files downloaded every day!
- Over 340,000 downloadable mod files and 5 million user comments!
- 50 Million page views every month!

How to help?

Workshop Creators

If you are a Workshop contributor you can help us get recognised by suggesting GameBanana as a service provider by using the following links.

- TF2 Service Providers
- CS:GO Service Providers
- TES: Skyrim Service Providers
- DOTA 2 Service Providers
- L4D2 Service Providers
- Ace of Spades Service Providers

All modding fans!

Even if you are not a workshop creator you can still help us get noticed by Valve by signing this petition and sharing it with all your friends!

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