Valve needs to reconfigure their new paid mod system.
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Valve needs to reconfigure their new paid mod system.

The recent addition of paid mods on the Steam Workshop has caused a outcry against Valve. Many of the popular mods now have price tags and mod theft is becoming an issue. Allowing for modders to receive monetary benefits is a good cause, but the way Valve has advanced this goal is not satisfactory.

Valve needs to reconstruct their content creator support system before spreading to other games.

Valve needs to remove the option for a pay wall. If left, it will anger the community and leave the creators, that want to get paid, with fewer fans and less income via the Workshop.

Valve needs to leave the pay-what-you-want option for mods so some support can go to the modders while leaving a large fan base to enjoy, and hopefully support, future mods.

Valve needs to incorporate a Patreon system that allows for players, with fat wallets, to support modders via patronage.

True, modding may not be a traditional job, but Valve must not kill the community else there will be no one there to support quality modding.

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