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"Walking simulator games" need less text!

The so-called "Walking simulator games" absolutely need less text. I came to love them recently, but having to read each note people by chance or purposely left there for you doesn't feel that great or realistic, especially not if the notes are long, detailed and not voiced over. God forbid if the game features readable books! To be honest I really don't like to read that much, I often get bored and skip the reading and I feel guilty... I know, I know, you will say I can't really feel the right atmosphere of the game without reading the notes or the lore. It happens sometimes... But most of the times it feels like it's a waste of time as well as it can also detract me from the immersion of the moment. I'm well aware that in some games the reading is a must, but to be honest I'd love to play a walking simulator game without any notes.

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