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I'm just a gamer like you, but i have still got a dream about the perfect Battlefield. One that is not broken beyond repair. One that doesn't have 100 million cheaters running around with 1 shoot scripts. Games should be made for gamers, by gamers. Not for gamers by EA.

So what's the problem then?

* Well to start up with, how about the laughable state that Battlefield 4 - 3 launched in? I think the most obvious idea of a game is being able to play the game. For me and probably many others, was Bf4 & Bf3 in a harsh state at launch. Battlefield 3 suffered from some major problems like: Origin closing the game for no reason, ctd (crash to desktop) when loading a map, the worm man (no explanation needed). And many, many more. While in Battlefield 3 the game could at least be launched sometimes. Battlefield 4 was completely unplayable for 1 - 2 weeks before i got to play it for the first time and was ingame for about 1 - 5 minutes before ctd (crash to desktop). Just the fact that the game took almost a year to fix, is of course, completely unacceptable.

* I for once believe that the franchise has taken too much damage to be fixed. And the only way to make something about this is to:

1. Relaunch the Battlefield 2/2142 games with perhaps a better engine, but however with the same weapons and damage.

2. Fix the online support for Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, Battlefield Vietnam & Battlefield 1942. These games where the golden days of the Battlefield franchise and should not be left behind cause of such a ridiculous thing like time & money. EA/DICE got plenty of money to keep a few servers running for these games. Even if that means to recode the code.

3. We demand that DICE will be a free company and not partly nor completely owned by EA. That fact that DICE is even a part of EA is kind of trolling. Since EA will only push them to complete the game in a impossible timeframe.

* If now EA cares about there gamers, let it be known & shown. Let the gamers speak, and not the money.

* Remember the days when games where created to be games and not for money. Where games wasn't a part of frequently released and unplayable states. Where developers were given the freedom to put their soul into the game.

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